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Executive Search

Our main goal is to get the right candidates. It's not only finding someone with the right experience, but also someone with great leadership. Someone who can give his contribution in building the organization.

Training / Pelatihan

We provide series of training services that can help increase employee productivity as well as their profesionalism at work. The program will also enabling them in communicating with the team, making the right decision, and delivering their opinions to others.

List of our training series


Managerial Development Program Series


Leadership Development Program Series


Change Management


Employee Engagement


Graphology & Graphonomy

Who We Are

Our Mission

Become a trusted partner that provides high quality, responsible, dedicated, ethical, innovatived services to provided added value for both the company and the job seeker, in developing and achieving its goals.

Our Value

1. We are committed to serve our Client with best solution

2. Grow together with our Client to create innovation & exceed expectation

3. Always Act with integrity and trust

4. Professional in every situation

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